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wordnerdherd's Journal

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Rules and guidelines: Manners go a long way.
♥ Be nice to one another. Constructive criticism is always welcome! However, don't start being a jerk to one another. Build each other up! Treat others how you'd like to be treated and all of that jazz.

♥ Everyone loves feedback on their work! But, you cannot expect others to critique you when you have not paid it forward and helped others. When you do leave feedback, please be elaborate. Saying "That story is great!" doesn't really tell the author what you liked about it or why. Giving the details helps the author grow and know what is good and what should be changed.

Rules and Guidelines: Community Basics
♥ Everyone who is interested in writing is welcome! You can be just starting out or an award winning author. Respect that everyone is at a different level and encourage growth.

♥ We're cool with your posting M rated work, however, we need a warning and then the work behind a cut.

♥ Proper grammar makes us happy. That means no "DO U THINK THAT DIS IS K? R U SURE?" etc.

♥ All posts that have to do with writing are welcome. Poetry, stories, prompts, questions, etc. Just keep it on topic.

♥ When you join feel free to post an introduction post letting us know about you and your writing.

♥ No screening comments or disabling them.


Rules and Guidelines: Misc.
♥ Hopefully we will have a tag system in place soon. When we do, please tag your entries. Tagging makes everything easy to find.

♥ We may have certain day of the week features or contests - so please keep an eye out for them and participate! Participation helps our skills grow and the community grow!

♥ Don't plagiarize!

♥ Feel free to use any of the following buttons on your user info!

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